Thank you so much for our lovely holiday with you. I think it was one of the most enjoyable, interesting, relaxing and remarkable holidays I've ever taken. You certainly made sure every aspect was as perfect as it could have been.
~ Merryl B.
Excellent service for our Cook Islands group trip, even though I had to clean my own teeth, and tie my own shoes - everything else was done!
~ Dave G
Megan had such a fantastic time and took something like 1465 photos! I am recommending the trip to all my friends with younger kids. Thanks once again.
~ Janette E, parent of Schoolies Safari participant
Uplift Tours and Travel have been wonderful to work with. With their initiative, fantastic support, great personality/PR and hard work, our workload and stress has largely decreased. We always know our requests will be answered promptly and professionally and the best result is great prices for our clients.
~ Robyn L, Empart

Volunteering in Thailand


Children’s Home

7 nights including transfers and accommodations from $920pp

This inspiring children’s home was established in the beautiful northern region of Chiang Mai to assist and care for desperate and vulnerable children. Here they are provided with the opportunity for a normal childhood. All children benefit from a secure and safe community, medical and emotional support, education and a loving family environment. As the children complete their schooling years, they are encouraged to pursue their dreams and are given further opportunities via trainee programs, further studies or apprenticeships.

Everyone is welcome; no skills required! Volunteers are invited to get involved in the following:

  • English lessons
  • games and other activities
  • meal preparation
  • activities that utilise volunteers’ specific skills

*Children’s home is a Christian ministry and visitors will be expected to respect all Christian activities.

Rehab Ministries

7 nights including transfers and accommodations from $1499pp

Rahab Ministries in the heart of Bangkok helps to free women and girls from prostitution. Join the Rahab team one evening, visiting bars to let these precious women know that people from all over the world care about them. Rahab Ministries also operates a beauty salon as a means of building relationships with the women who come in before starting work each night. Rahab’s internet cafe, English language programs and computer classes are other opportunities to offer women an alternative to prostitution, providing them with hope for a brighter future.

*Only female volunteers are suitable. Rahab Ministries is a Christian ministry and visitors will be expected to respect Christian activities.

Elephant Project

7 days including transport, accommodations and meals from $975pp

This project is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre. Volunteer tasks are varied, from bathing elephants to basic health care. All volunteers are required to help with household chores and cooking. These activities are suitable for all age groups with a good standard of fitness and health. No experience is required, however, vet students and vet professionals are also encouraged to apply.

Elephant and Community Village

7 days including transport, accommodations and meals from $1145pp

This project was created with the intention of allowing elephants owned by the Karen people in the north of Thailand to retire from trekking camps and return to living in the jungle and hills.

Volunteer tasks include:

  • walking elephants from the forest to the village, with a local guide
  • cutting grass and collecting food for elephants
  • working with the vet to check elephant health
  • teaching English classes in the local school
  • farm work
  • forest fire prevention in the dry season.

No experience is required, however vet students and vet professionals are encourage to apply.

After your week volunteering, extend your stay in Thailand and experience some of the following: markets, waterfalls and caves, the islands of southern Thailand, pristine beach resorts and lively Bangkok for some retail therapy!